Forty Years in the Making

Well, I didn’t write on the book every day for 40 years, it sat, I would remove it from the drawer, work on it, and then a little girl named Patrice, a child of Africa, stole the action. It began, however, as Miss Sara Rose’s story. 

“A spinster lady?” said my friend June. “that won’t fly.” 

Yes, it will.

We want to know what to do next. We debate if we should do what we’re always dreamed or sit with the mortgage paid for and retirement checks coming regularly.

Follow Miss Sara Rose’s journey, and that of Patrice and Sara Andrews, a namesake, as they carry into the future what Miss Sara Rose began.

Love, mystery, adventure—

“I laughed and cried,” said a reader.

Follow Miss Sara Rose’s journey in Where The Birds of Eden Sing, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, $2.99 to buy.


A few minutes ago, I darn near fainted when I updated my Kindle publishing of Where the Birds of Eden Sing. My breathe came in little spurts, and my heart hasn’t settled down yet.

For the last three days I have been reading my manuscript. Finally, I found a way where I could see every missing dot, comma, quotation mark, capitals missing or where they ought not to be, missing letters, words, and senseless phrases. I read it on Kindle—or rather Kindle on my phone—my Kindle croaked.  With large print and a small page, the errors jump into my eyeballs. Have I caught them all? I don’t know. I’ve become slap-happy.

Here we go, a new revision…